June 10, 2015

So lately, there’s a new game I’m looking forward to and it’s called SUPERBEAT: XONiC which a music game for the PS Vita coming this fall of 2015. The game is created by the newly formed Nurijoy which has created the spiritual successor to DJMAX called Beatcraft CYCLON with some of the staff like musicians and artists that worked on EZ2DJ and DJMAX.  Here is the confirmed information I’ve got from various sites.

(information will be updated from time to time up until the final release)

What’s revealed so far:

  • Game language so far is confirmed to be in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (For example, the Korean ver. has Korean, English and Chinese available, the Asian (Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.) version has English and Chinese (Traditional))
  • Game is confirmed to be released in South Korea/Asia on October 22, 2015 by Nurijoy with SCEK/SCEI, North America on November 10, 2015 by PM Studios (which distributed and published DJMAX in North America before) with Actill, Japan on December 17, 2015 by Arc System Works and Europe/Australia by Rising Star Games around November 10, 2015
  • Available in digital and retail form
  • Game is playable via D-Pad and buttons or touch (D-Pad and Buttons are used for simple notes and analog sticks are used for flick/drag notes)
  • Game modes available are 4TRAX, 6TRAX, 6TRAX FX and freestyle in stage mode (which is the main mode) meaning it is like most non-arcade DJMAX releases and also there are like different difficulty notecharts similar to DJMAX Technika Tune
  • Tutorial and mission modes also available
  • World Tour has courses where you play through a set of 1-5 songs with conditions to clear and reward for passing the mission
  • Can adjust note speed in-game and also has fever like in DJMAX (fever is more closer to DJMAX Technika subseries except fever is on for the rest of the song unless there is a break which resets fever)
  • Leveling system is in place also like in most DJMAX games
  • More than 50 songs available at least on launch and features music from Beatcraft CYCLON and with new tracks made for SUPERBEAT XONiC
  • Ranking system based on PSN is available like in DJMAX Technika Tune
  • Seemed to be a home adaptation/spinoff of Beatcraft CYCLON with similar gameplay, music and visuals
  • PS TV compatible (possible reason why the game is playable with buttons in addition to touch as well)
  • Effectors are available which there are three effector settings affecting: Note (Fade In, Fade Mid, and Fade Out), Gear (Flicker, Flicker 2, and Ghost), and Notechart (Mirror and Random)
  • There are DJ icons that have different stats (each DJ icon has two) like EXP, HP, Shield (Break), Shield (Fever) (Protect against fever decrease) and Recover (can make fever fill up faster) that are available like in DJMAX
  • Some songs have Extra (EX) charts which are more difficult notecharts only available in World Tour
  • Can choose to have hit sound when the note is hit (with different sound effects available like Taiko no Tatsujin or REFLEC BEAT) or no hit sound at all
  • Similar to DJMAX Technika Tune at least in terms of interface implying that some of the people that worked on DJMAX Technika Tune are also working on this game. itsnowmysay has designed the UI/Interface for this game which is why it looks similar to more recent DJMAX titles.
  • Every song from Beatcraft CYCLON is in the game
  • Uses a somewhat simplified note judgement system using SUPER BEAT (meaning note is accurately hit), GOOD (note is semi-accurately hit), and BREAK (note is not hit at all) instead of the percentage judgement system (like 100%, 90%, 50%, 1%) like in most DJMAX games and Beatcraft CYCLON
  • It is possible to continue playing with a empty power gauge but scores are not recorded
  • There will be some crossovers with other companies’ games as it features HEAVY DAY from Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, TUNTUN-MOONLIGHT from MAGICAL BEAT, and BLUE desire from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (These songs are from games created by Arc System Works, and they possibly make an appearance here due to Arc System Works publishing the game in Japan). Also characters from Arc System Works games will make cameos as DJ Icons.
  • Aims for at least mostly identical songlist for all regions
  • Fever is activated automatically at least by default
  • Has an bundle/limited edition called the SUPERBEAT: XONiC The Executive Collection where one is just the game with the OST (For South Korea ver.)
  • There is a another bundle called the SUPERBEAT: XONiC The Exclusive Collection which is the game with a PS VITA in blue or orange with a 16 GB memory card, OST, and visual collection (For South Korea ver.)
  • There will be separate LEs for North America (has one similar to The Executive Collection, and one which 2 LPs and collection box) and Europe (similar to North America’s LE but not exactly)
  • DLC will possibly be available at some time after the game’s release with the first 4 DLC packs: 7’S RE:BIRTH, Guilty Gear x XONiC, Magical Blaze Collection, Cranky’s PICK
  • Songs, DJ icons, and and key sounds are unlocked by leveling up (songs needs to be played in stage mode before appearing in freestyle mode) and some DJ icons and key sounds can be unlocked in World Tour
  • Some songs have MVs like in DJMAX (for example HEAVY DAY)
  • Has backstage mode where there is play record, and list of things that are unlocked so far
  • There are 127 DJ icons and 41 key sounds in the game

In game tracks (so far):

New Songs:

Dimension Detonator by Sampling Masters AYA

Easy Easy Go by Pink Shark Music

HEAVY DAY by Daisuke Ishiwatari (From Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-)

Nodding Hawk ~ Extended by M2U

Peter Pan by M2U (originally meant for Beatcraft CYCLON for a future update)

Souls of Vampire ~ Extended by NieN (Both parts 1 and 2)

Souls of Vampire -II. Bloody Vengeance- by NieN

Stargazer by Takahiro Eguchi (Opening theme song for SUPERBEAT: XONiC)

VooDoo GooRoo by Sampling Masters MEGA

From Beatcraft CYCLON: by PlanetBoom x NieN

All Night Long by ND Lee

AZTEC BUMP by Electronic Boutique

BANG BANG GROOVE by Sampling Masters MEGA

Bare It All by Rinat Arinos


Boomerang by Rinat Arinos

Candy Cane by Amo

CHASER by Nauts

Club the Party by Pat Andrews

Collaboration by Newton

CONTROL by Tsukasa

CRAZY by Mr. Funky

Drop The SHIT by Electronic Boutique

Everyday by NieN



Get Down by Flash Finger

GIVE & TAKE by cranky

H.O.W.ling by M2U

HINAGIKU -Towards the Sunlight- by makou


Keep On Rockin’ (Original Mix) by Flash Finger

KITTY FROM HELL by Paul Bazooka

Let’s Go by Rinat Arinos

Lop Nur by makou

LOUDER by makou

LOVE is Real by 3rd Coast

March of Fear by M2U

MATADOR by Cranky

Miami Style by Rinat Arinos

“Moonlight” Sonata 3rd Movt. by cranky

Morning Calm by Nauts

Murky Waters by makou

No Way Out by ND Lee

Nodding Hawk by M2U

One Juicy Step by makou


Peach Fuzz by Sampling Masters AYA

Que Siga La Rumba by Michael Tate

Round Trip by Nauts

Sakura Stream by Tsukasa

Souls of Vampire -I.Shadow Moon- by NieN

Swedish Girl by Mr. Funky


The Lemon Squash by Takahiro Eguchi

Timeline by Nauts

TROMPE L’OEIL by makou


WRECKKKK by Electronic Boutique

DLC Songs:

BLUE desire by Tomohiro Kita (Elements Garden) from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma


60 songs confirmed and 2 DLC songs

Some sources used: