In regards to F2P games…

February 25, 2015

(Original post from Miiverse but revised a little bit)

Okay, after looking at some of the posts around the web about Pokemon Shuffle, it makes me sad that some people are defending microtransaction heavy F2P games, one of the worst aspects of modern gaming.  Yeah sure it’s “free” and you can play games like that without paying but I played games like this before, and let me tell you, they make it less easy to progress without paying as levels goes on.

Eventually, the player has to feel like paying for a bunch of fake currency just to beat that one level or to unlock something or quit. Some of the free to play games have a energy system make you wait and prevent you from playing further unless you pay money to refill this so-called “energy”.  I’ve seen the same sort of thing at the slots as well, as some slots may emphasizes some sort of “overdrive” icons or jackpot on the reels just to say to the players “Hey you can win big, so why don’t you put in another dollar?” I really hope that Pokemon Shuffle is just a one off thing, and that people don’t pay much for this. If this becomes successful, then I fear Nintendo might incorporate more microtransactions in future games even though most people play handhelds/consoles like 3DS to get away from the trend of F2P games on mobile.

Some people has been saying that microtransion heavy F2P to play games are like the arcade games but I don’t believe it is a valid comparison as you can play as much as want per credit as want provided you have the skills but these F2P dictate how much fun you can have with the game without paying. I get it that some people say that they have resistance and have patience so they the urge to pay will not happen but I believe there are people that impatient that they are willing spend anything for fake currency, even $100 just so they can longer. These big spenders are also known as “whales” and while they make a smaller percentage than people spend a little, they contributes most profit wise.

I am also concerned children with F2P games especially with something like Pokemon Shuffle since they could spend their credit card money, and some may not know the difference between real and fake currency. They could overspend too much and rack up thousands of dollars because they might not know better. I am not opposed to all free to play games but only when they are done right like with Steel Diver Sub Wars where there are an option to pay for a full version and some extra DLC that are optional though. I forgot to mention that something like jukebeat or DJMAX Ray is a better example of F2P since at least you buy song packs for a cost and can play them for unlimited times after that.

In conclusion, I find that free to play games can be done right if games have an unlock full version for a fee or if the microtransations are not that necessary to play through the game but not if they use a so-called energy system that makes you wait unless you pony up cash.