Original Music in DDR Part Three: Yasuhiro Taguchi

The final installment in this series will look at a relative newcomer to DDR, Yasuhiro Taguchi (TAG). TAG’s history with DDR is a bit different since he actually first started out making stepcharts for DDR but his first song “El Dorado” debuted in GuitarFreaks and DrumMania V3. His first musical appearance in DDR would be “SABER WING” and “HOW TO PLAY” (which is a song acting a tutorial for DDR) in DDR X. He is the sound director of DDR as of DDR 2013 possibly due to Naoki leaving Konami for Capcom. There’s few things things that TAG is known for: Producing Dance-Pop/Eurodance/Trance/Hardcore Techno for games like DDR but is more known for his Rock/Fusion music in GFDM, His deep (and over the top) voice which he like to use as spoken word and shout in some songs especially as SUPER STAR MITSURU, and sometimes he is known as being like DJ YOSHITAKA (even though he’s spends more time being a singer and producer of several BEMANI games nowadays) since they both are known to most make songs that sound really similar (A lot of DJ YOSHITAKA songs’ BPM are 185 for example). I personally enjoy most of TAG’s music but even I know most of his songs are similar with few exceptions like his work under CAPACITY GATE and a few other exceptions. Here are a few aliases that TAG has used:

TAG – His main alias that used mostly for Dance-Pop/Eurodance/Trance/Hardcore Techno/Synthpop music in games like DDR and IIDX but used for Rock/Fusion songs in GFDM. His electronic music works under TAG leans towards songs with a four to the floor beat. Decent alias but a lot of these songs do admittedly sound similar.

TAG underground – Alias used  for Hardcore Techno songs. he is known for the two evolved series songs, “Roponggi EVOLVED” and “London EVOLVED”. Song charts for these songs are usually difficult and are regarded as boss songs.

SUPER STAR -MITSURU- – An initially mysterious alias that is used for Eurodance/Eurobeat/Trance/Hardcore songs that are similar  to TAG except this is treated as a separate alter ego for TAG. TAG’s alter ego of SUPER STAR MITSURU is known for being over the top whether it is his deep and over the top vocals which are spoken/word, equally over the top dancing like in “She is my wife” and outfit. Also tends to have a reoccurring in-joke of saying “ONLY ONE (insert word)” especially for genres. SUPER HEROINE -AYAKA- is a variation used for songs for when ERi is the vocalist like in “He is my only star” There’s also an album under the SUPER STAR -MITSURU- alias as well. Similar to TAG’s other music but with shouting.

CAPACITY GATE – An alias used for TAG’s more interesting and more unique songs that usually leans towards having breakbeats. Explorers genres like 2Step such as “Destiny Sword”, Electronic Reggae like in “Shiny World” and Drum and Bass in “Tp-RZ”. Personally, I feel that songs under CAPACITY songs are more creative and a nice refreshing change of pace. Also an initially mysterious alias as songs under CAPACITY GATE do not sound too much like TAG’s usual music.


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